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Lower Bucks Indivisible (LBI) is a group of concerned citizens of PA's 1st Congressional District committed to resisting the Trump agenda of racism, corruption and authoritarianism. We will hold our locally-elected legislators and elected officials accountable for upholding the U.S Constitution and the principles of inclusion, respect and fairness.

Our Mission

Lower Bucks Indivisible is a voluntary cooperative organization working to provide the resources and tools to enable you to easily, quickly, and effectively communicate with your Members of Congress (MoCs).
We believe that it is your right and responsibility as a citizen to express to your Members of Congress your views, ideas, opinions, recommendations, and demands regarding issues of importance to you. As a peaceful organization, LBI does not condone any action that is violent, abusive, or harassing.
As a Lower Bucks Indivisible member, you will have access to reliable, timely, and useful information to keep you aware of events taking place in Congress and the White House and how you can affect those events.
When a group of dedicated, passionate voters working together raise their voices to our elected officials, they will listen and change will follow.


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Revisiting War Powers and Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs)

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The Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called himself the "Grim Reaper" and vowed to put a stop to bills coming out of the House of Representatives. He is currently denying 307 bills that passed the House the opportunity to be considered in the Senate.

The links below show a sampling of Mitch's blocked bills, many of which had bi-partisan sponsorship and support and many that were passed unanimously in the House. The reports include how the PA Representatives voted on each bill.

Mitch McConnell's Graveyard Part 1
Mitch McConnell's Graveyard Part 2
Mitch McConnell's Graveyard Part 3

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Announcing: INDIVISIBLE 435



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Words From Our Nation's Founders

"...no one would say that we ought to expose ourselves to the danger of seeing the first Magistrate in forign pay, without being able to guard against it by displacing him. This Magistrate is not the King... The people are the King."

- This quoted statement from the comments of Governour Morris was excerpted from the notes that James Madison took during the Constitutional Convention, from the session held on July 20, 1787. Senator Casey cited that quote in a floor speech from October 22, 2019, a clip of which can be seen in this tweet.