Fridays with(out) Fitzpatrick

EVERY Friday
4:30 PM
1717 Newtown-Langhorne Road
(the intersection of Rt. 413 and Rt. 332)
Help us encourage our elected Representative to engage with his constituents!

Indivisible is a progressive non-partisan organization that opposes the Trump agenda. The most effective way to oppose our 45th President is in a Washington, DC that does not have the presidency and both houses of Congress ruled by the same political party. This is especially important because the Constitution gives ethical oversight of the executive branch to the legislative branch, but this Republican Congress is unwilling to provide anything other than support to the President. To have any chance of protecting our country from the worst abuses of the Trump Administration, we must work to ensure that control of the House of Representatives changes hands in the 2018 election.

Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional district is one of the most competitive in the country. It has changed hands between political parties 6 times in the past 25 years. The district is currently represented by a first term Republican, Brian Fitzpatrick. Mr. Fitzpatrick votes in line with the Trump agenda 80% of the time (as of August 2017). He refuses to speak out against even the most egregious of Trump's scandals and abuses, and will not defend the democratic norms that are the bedrock of our nation. Further, he refuses to have a live town hall, instead relying on heavily filtered and scripted teleconference meetings with constituents.

For these reasons, Lower Bucks Indivisible supports the aims of the Fridays with(out) Fitzpatrick group. They meet each week outside of Mr. Fitzpatrick's office to discuss the political concerns of the moment, and to implore the Congressman to have a live town hall meeting so that he can hear the concerns of his constituents in an unfiltered forum. Mr. Fitzpatrick has been invited to these events, but he has yet to attend. Events are held every Friday at 4:30 PM at 1717 Newtown-Langhorne Road, in Langhorne. This is at the corporate building at the intersection of Rt. 413 and Rt. 332 (Newtown Bypass). Please join us at Fridays with(out) Fitzpatrick in an exercise in encouraging our elected representative to interact with his constituents!