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Call to Action - Deadline for Democracy!

Find the Deadline for Democracy event most convenient for you!
Or register a new event - don't be intimidated! If you have some posterboard and some sharpies, a few friends willing to stand at a busy intersection and someone to take pictures and share them on social media - then you have the makings of an event!
If we are serious about strengthening our democracy for ourselves and future generations, then now is the time to take action. We must make sure our senators are feeling the pressure of an activated citizenry. And we MUST let reluctant senators in the Democratic caucus know that voters in every corner of our country are demanding the passage of legislation to protect our voting rights - even if it means the end of the filibuster. Now is the time.
Lastly, we are proud to share this message from Senator Bob Casey with MoCTrack readers. If we haven't encouraged you to take - peacefully - to the streets in defense of voting rights, perhaps our Commonwealth's senior senator can get the job done!